5 Luxury Perks Of Being A Celebrity’s Nanny

Ever wonder what the lives of the rich and famous nannies are like? Just like any other parents, it’s always helpful to have an extra set of hands, but with traveling, extended work commitments and a lot of money to spend, celebrities often have one or several nannies to help keep it all running smoothly.

The job is somewhat cloaked in mystery with non-disclosure agreements, ultra-secret schedules and privacy needs and nannies are trusted with a celebrity’s most valued asset – their children.

Recent rumored requirements include college degrees, medical backgrounds and bilingual knowledge in order to foster better education and safety among Hollywood’s youngsters. However, the perks the celebrity nanny can be unmatched and the experiences they have throughout their career is one that draws curiosity and awe from fans.

5 Income

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According to Zip Recruiter, the average high-end nanny makes $57,000 per year, but celebrities are known to pay upwards of $185,000 per year. For example, the Kardashian-West family reportedly spends between $50,000 – $100,000 per month for the help of several nannies for their four children.

The annual salary is decent and that’s not including all the additional perks.

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4 Travel

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Celebrity nannies are often required to travel with the family. Sure, they are on the clock, but it gives the staff an opportunity to see the world – London, Dubai, Ibiza, Hawaii and more. They’re traveling on private jets or first class, live for weeks on huge yachts and spend time on the set of your favorite movies.

Not only are nannies traveling for one parent’s work, but they often are the go-between a divorced celebrity couple. Actress Miranda Kerr told Sittercity she sends her nanny with her son to ex-husband Orlando’s home, just to ensure all of Flynn’s needs and routines are met.

3 Living Arrangements

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Many celebrity nannies are required to be on-call 24/7, work day or night shift and while this may mean they don’t have much of a life of their own, they are living in mansions in various locations around the world. According to Daily Mail, one nanny employed with Nanny & Butler, Shada, said she stayed in one mansion in the Middle East that overlooked the beach that included a huge bedroom and ensuite bathroom. She loves meeting people from all over the world and enjoys gym memberships with access to a pool among other live-in perks.

2 Extra Incentive

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Shada was also gifted a Range Rover as an employee vehicle. Another nanny who wished to remain anonymous due to the high-status of the celebrity they work for, confirmed she had received jewelry, concert tickets and cash tips. Cartier watches are given as “thank yous” and holiday homes are offered for vacations for nannies.

Some celebrities offer additional financial incentives for certain tasks regarding their children. For example, Kim Kardashian reportedly pays a bonus to nannies who can get her children to sleep through the night according to Pop Culture. Let the kids interrupt her beauty sleep, and the nanny may get a cut in allowances.

Other celebrities offer bonuses to successful potty train their child or to dress a certain way. (This could be a superhero outfit like Gwen Stefani required at one time or it could be designer clothes meant to have a high-class nanny walking alongside the celebrity for photo opportunities.)

1 Relationships

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Even though there are long hours and some pretty strange requests by celebrities, nannies often become a member of the family.

Many celebrities praise their nannies for allowing them to do their job and focus on their careers, while knowing their children are taken care of and children grow up listening and learning from several adults who love them and treat them well.

Actress and comedian, Amy Poehler first thanked her nanny at an awards show, stating without her, she wouldn’t have her career. As a celebrity nanny, you are in charge of reading their favorite story at bedtime and putting little ones to sleep at night. You often witness milestones in children’s lives and celebrate their success as they grow.

Shada told Daily Mail if the nanny is just in it for the money, they won’t make a career out of the position. Working with children has to be your passion and years into the future, the child remembers you as a formative figure in their life. Another celebrity nanny said she’s received so many amazing and unbelievable experiences and opportunities she can’t pick just one.

Working with children isn’t always easy, but the challenge can be rewarding if the passion for children is there.

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