10 Bloody Manifest Questions as Saanvi Faces Death, Ben Wonders If She Needs to Be Sacrificed

Elsewhere, Angelina’s obsession with Olive reaches a dangerous new level and we’re starting to get really worried about it … and her!

Every time we turn our heads, there seems to be a whole different threat to the passengers on “Manifest,” so maybe we should be grateful that this threat appears to just be toward a loved one … but perhaps from a passenger.

Last week, we noted that Angelina seemed to be taking her obsession with Olive to a creepy level, and apparently somewhere between last week and this week, Olive started picking up on it. Sharp kid, that one, though it has been pretty obvious.

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There’s still so much we don’t know about Angelina, other than the fact her parents kept her locked up because they thought her Callings and her return marked her of the devil. Then, we know she fell way too fast and way too hard for Pete, so his death probably impacted her pretty heavily.

It’s interesting that we found ourselves more compelled by whatever’s going on between the young women in the Stone house than Ben hanging out in his garage with the mysterious and untrustworthy Eagan while Michaela is running off to Eureka to try and save Saanvi’s life.

Geez, when we write it out like that, it seems like our priorities were all mixed up. But maybe it’s because we could kind of see where all the stuff with Saanvi was going. Certainly the lie situation seemed pretty obvious.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s all go dye our hair and thinking about all the questions we still have after watching this latest episode.

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Why Are the Dark Cloud Callings Different for Michaela, Ben and Eagan?

We’ve been pondering this since the Shadows trio had all been experiencing the same Callings seemingly every time they’ve had one. And yet, this week, we saw Michaela, Ben and Eagan all have different parts of the Calling throughout the episode.

Interestingly, when Eagan and Ben were together in his basement, they seemed to experience every Calling identically. Is it possible that proximity to other Passengers can cause Callings to line up like this? Do the different Callings happen to draw Passengers together?

For that matter, other than the fact he’s clearly got ulterior motives for everything, why did a soaked (but probably not really) Eagan show up at Ben’s doorstep in the first place after receiving the latest dark cloud Calling, with rain? Did a part of his Calling lead him to Ben because Ben would have the other pieces to put the Calling together.

Why Did Eagan Even Have This Particular Calling?

Is there a reason Eagan was even involved in this Calling? Sure, he took full advantage of it to get more intel on Ben and what he knows, but why did the Calling make him a part of it along with Michaela and Ben?

From what we could tell, he had minimal involvement in actually solving the Calling. That was handled more by Olive reporting in from the university, Ben and Michaela. Is there a reason Ben and Eagan are supposed to align? Was Eagan not brought there to help with the Calling as much as he was brought in to build that alliance?

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Why Did Working with Ark Wood Trigger Saanvi's Eyes Bleeding?

We understand that it was the lie that was manifesting as Saanvi’s eyes bleeding, just as Michaela (and only Michaela) saw in her version of these Callings, but why did proximity to the piece of driftwood trigger the effect?

Is it perhaps because Saanvi is a broken member of the Lifeboat at this point, having cut off her Callings? Is the piece of Noah’s Ark imbued with the same whatever-it-is that has some control over the Callings, and so her presence near it and interacting with it was as if it was being touched by evil, by someone no longer worthy to be a returnee?

We’ve not seen any other returnees punished prior to their Death Date, but she may be the first to have successfully ended her ability to experience Callings.

Is Sarah Really Just a Very Sweet Person?

We have tons of questions yet about Zeke’s “shimmer” power of empathy, but it triggered twice during this visit with Jared and Sarah about Sarah and in both cases he seemed pleased with what he saw. Now, he has no power over when it triggers or toward whom, so why her? And why twice?

She may be the Major’s daughter, but is she truly not a threat of any kind, just a genuinely good person? We’ve not seen Zeke’s new gift ever lie to him or mislead him, so we’re inclined to believe she is what she appears to be. That would likely mean that her role might instead be to react when she inevitably finds out what happened to her mother.

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How Did the Blood from Saanvi's Eyes First Disappear, Turn to Tears?

After Saanvi finally (thank God!) confessed to Michaela that it was she who killed the Major, the blood under her eyes disappeared … as in it appeared to literally vanish. Then, a bit later, her face was instead covered with tears and her vitals were fine.

Now, we know the blood tears were real as everyone was able to see them. So was them vanishing just a Calling she and Michaela shared, and her face was still smeared with the blood that had just been there? Or did it literally disappear in the real world. And if so, how?

And how did it get replaced a moment later (but not instantaneously) with tears? Was that symbolic of a cleansing of her soul? A more interesting follow-up would be to speculate if it’s possible that this admission of her guilt served as some sort of absolution (she was even willing to go to jail over it)? And if so, is she now able to experience Callings again? Maybe she doesn’t need to be pushed off the Lifeboat, after all, so everyone can survive.

What Does Eagan Want with Ben's Data?

Eagan has a photographic memory, but he also used a flash drive to data mine Ben’s computer during their time bonding together in Ben’s garage. Why was he so eager to get this information, to the point of tricking Angelina into showing him the place.

Is that why he went to Ben’s in the first place? Was it never really about the Calling, but rather about access? And what does he intend to do with this data? Is it just for his own interest, or does he have some nefarious, self-serving plan that he’s cultivating?

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What Is Angelina Trying to Accomplish?

Just as we wonder what Eagan is really up to, we’re also wondering what Angelina is up to, and just how dangerous she really is. Showing up at the university to try and make out with Levi because she knows he has a thing for Olive is the kind of stuff they make bad horror movies out of.

Is Angelina trying to literally take over Olive’s life? Is she a threat to Olive? Would she try to kill her to fully take over? Does she really think that would work — which would obviously indicate she’s incredibly dangerous and more than a little unhinged. And where does she go from here? If we were Olive, we’d be watching our back!

Did Zeke Make Beverly Feel What He Was Feeling?

We know so very little about Zeke’s “shimmer” empath power, and he knows perhaps even less than us. This week, Beverly suddenly became very lucid and told him that Michaela marrying him when she thought he only had one more day to live isn’t the same as her 12 years of history with Jared.

But those weren’t her words, as hard as they were to hear. They were the fears that live inside of Zeke. So either Beverly has powers of her own, or he projected his thoughts into her. Did they manifest so directly as words because of the fragile state of her mind, or could he dot his with anyone?

And is any of this something that he can learn to control? Certainly, he’d probably not want Beverly or anyone spouting off his innermost thoughts and fears … especially when Michaela is around. And why did this ability just manifest now? Are his powers still evolving?

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How Did Saanvi Make the Ark Vanish?

Everyone had been working on the Ark for more than a month, but the first time Saanvi was the one to control the dark lightning simulator, the piece of wood actually vanished (for milliseconds, but it counts). Why did Saanvi trigger that? Is it because she’s a Passenger?

If she’s right that her killing the Major triggered the tailfin vanishing from the lab and appearing on the bottom of the ocean, is this a similar reaction? And if so, why did it only vanish for such a short time and then return? Would any Passenger have triggered that response, or just Saanvi? She is a modified Passenger, after all?

Why Do the Tremors Coincide with the Ark Vanishing?

Unbeknownst to Saanvi, Dr. Gupta and Vance yet, there was also considerable (but small) seismic activity that erupted as Saanvi approached the Ark piece, and when she made it vanish. Eureka is apparently at the epicenter of whatever that was.

But is that an isolated occurrence, or are the earthquakes part of the disappearing and reappearing process, just so small as to be impossible to detect or feel without the kind of equipment that was running.

Is the facility in any real danger from these tremors? If they’re related to the Ark piece, then if it goes back to the Vatican, does the danger go with it? Or is it more about Saanvi herself, or any Passenger? When Ben touched the tailfin, were there tremors like these?

Is the very investigation into the plane and the Passengers and the Callings triggering the minor quakes, and are they in danger of becoming larger quakes if the scientific studies continue? If that’s the case, why did they only start now? Or is it a Passenger being involved that’s the problem?

We’ve seen the dark clouds twice now in relation to Eureka, but each time they’ve referred to different specific issues. But a recurring theme in the Callings suggests there might be more going on at Eureka that’s a threat. Maybe the dark cloud portion of the Callings has yet to be addressed.

“Manifest” airs every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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