You Can Get a Schitt's Creek Coloring Book on Etsy, and It's Simply the Best

Shop the Coloring Book on Etsy!

I’m more than a little bit excited about the Schitt’s Creek coloring book you can get on Etsy. Thanks to shop owner ShopHelloHarlot, fans of the PopTV show can score a 10-page booklet without having to travel to Rose Apothecary — not that I’d blame you for trying. Each page features a special character from everyone’s favorite creek, along with homages to memorable moments and iconic catchphrases. Yes, Moira’s full fruit wine monologue is in there, too!

If this looks like your kind of Schitty stress reliever, then grab your own $20 book on Etsy. I might have to dry my tears with these coloring book pages once the season finale rolls around, but for now, I’m just ready to color.

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