Yonex Taps Yale University for First Collaborative Collection

Yonex is a premier Japanese sports equipment company established in 1946 which makes various performance products for tennis, badminton, and golf. Among its most notable sponsored athletes is Naomi Osaka. For the brand’s first collaborative project, it taps the prestigious Yale University for a campus-inspired collection celebrating the heritage of both institutions.

“Match Point” consists of a range of tennis equipment and clothing items, featuring co-branded text and iconography, and functioning as both casual and athletic-wear options. Yale’s bulldog mascot, Handsome Dan, is featured on a number of embroidered and printed T-shirt designs. Apparel pieces include Yale Blue, black, white, and bright yellow T-shirts, polos, shorts, and socks. Other standout items include a collaborative racquet, wrist guards, headbands, racket bags, umbrellas, caps, and sun caps.

The collection is now available at select Korean retailers like MUSINSA and boolaboola.

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