Yams Day 2021 Reveals Exclusive Merch With HIDDEN.NY, Psychworld and More

HIDDEN.NY, Psychworld, Sinclair and Yamborghini have unveiled their official collaborative merch for Yams Day 2021.

For this year’s virtual event, each brand is offering a selection of T-shirts and/or hoodies that pay homage to the late A$AP Yams. HIDDEN.NY dropped a simpler approach for the annual celebration and focused on the rapper’s iconic birthmark as its main motif, enlarging the design on the back and replacing the letter “H” for “Y” in its logo, while Yamborghini’s offering features a baby photo of Yams in the front and the Mob’s “Always $trive and Prosper” tag on the back. Psychworld and Sinclair also deliver black hoodies, the former adorning its apparel with a purple PyschWorld logo across the chest and a Yams Day 2021 insignia on the back, and Sinclair adding an equestrian drawing with its brand name as Yams’.

In addition to the revealed merch, surprise collabs from Off-White™ and Cactus Plant Flea Market will be dropping during the website’s store launch, as well as a limited Yams Day x Stüssy capsule to be released exclusively in-store and online by Stüssy. Yams Day also partnered with Scarce Box to create two custom boxes that include either two to three items from the complete merchandise collection and a guaranteed Yamborghini T-shirt that is exclusive to the Yams Day Scarce boxes, or a box with three to six items and the exclusive Yamborghini T-shirt.

Take a look at some of the merch above and make sure to cop a piece on the official Yams Day 2021 website. Prices for the collabs range from $65 USD to $150 USD, while the Scarce Boxes are priced at either $150 USD or $450 USD.

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