Why Seven Sharp host Hilary Barry was blocked from TikTok

Hilary Barry has shared a social media fail when she attempted to join TikTok – but the app claimed she breached community guidelines.

The Seven Sharp presenter was keen to join the short-form video platform, which is popular with Gen Z.

While many of Barry’s loyal viewers and fans would have been delighted by the news she wanted to create an account, she was promptly blocked from updating her profile due to “multiple community guideline violations”.

She posted on Instagram and joked about the reason why: “Tried to set up a Tiktok account today and was immediately blocked. Oh dear. Too much shoulder?”

Fellow TVNZ presenter Melissa Stokes commented she was blocked because of “too much fabulous-ness”.


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Barry constantly reminds her viewers not to give into criticism about one’s appearance, and routinely calls out trolls her criticise her wardrobe choices on air.

In March, Barry once again reminded a troll she would not listen to sexist comments.

Barry appeared in a soft pink halter-neck top that exposed her shoulders, but even that chaste flash of flesh was too much for one critic.


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“Hilary,” the outraged New Zealander wrote, “that top is hardly appropriate for the role of a tv presenter. Come on you can do better than this.”

“Perhaps you could be more specific?” Barry countered, only to be met with radio silence.

Her fans went into bat for the star, who expressed shock that anyone could find fault with the look – and poured praise on Barry’s appearance.

Barry never fails to stand up to her critics and inspire women in Aotearoa.

“Some might accuse me of deliberately dressing like this to wind up Ken, Geoff and Barbara. They’re not wrong,” she shared in December while wearing a stunning blouse that showed her shoulders.

It’s not clear why TikTok has blocked the presenter, but her fans will hope Barry will soon be allowed back. For now, there’s always Reels, Instagram’s own alternative.

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