What’s on TV Saturday: ‘My Favorite Shapes’ and ‘The Beach Bum’

What’s on TV

MY FAVORITE SHAPES BY JULIO TORRES (2019) 10:30 p.m. on HBO; stream on HBO platforms. While some comedians are redefining the stand-up genre, most specials still follow a basic formula: A comic takes the stage with nothing but a microphone in hand and delivers joke after joke after joke. Not so in this new special. Julio Torres, a “Saturday Night Live” writer who is also one of the creators, writers and stars of the Spanish-language HBO comedy series “Los Espookys,” spends this show introducing the audience to shapes rolled out on a conveyor belt. Each one has its own back story, such as the chipped rectangle who’s “having a really bad day” or the Ferrero Rocher chocolate who forgot to wear her skirt. Torres draws laughs not only because of his quirky imagination, but also because he delivers each line with a straight face. It’s as if the world he has created is completely normal, and we’re just late to the party.

A TASTE OF SUMMER 9 p.m. on Hallmark Channel. In this new Hallmark movie, a chef (Roselyn Sanchez) moves to Boston to open her own restaurant and finds competition, among other things, in Caleb (Eric Winter, Sanchez’s real-life husband), a former baseball player who runs an establishment down the street.

What’s Streaming

THE BEACH BUM (2019) Stream on Hulu; rent on Amazon, Google Play, Vudu or YouTube. If there’s anything to take away from this stoner comedy by Harmony Korine (“Spring Breakers”), it’s that Matthew McConaughey must have enjoyed starring in it. McConaughey plays Moondog, a laid-back poet in the Florida Keys who is well past his prime and unable to churn out his next novel. The caper plays like an ode to hedonism: We watch Moondog get high, get drunk and get into bed with women, while his wife (Isla Fisher) has her own fun with a drug dealer played by Snoop Dogg. (Martin Lawrence, Jimmy Buffett and Jonah Hill also star.) Only occasionally do we see Moondog put words to paper. And the moment we think the film’s tone might shift toward the sincere, our antihero is right back to his partying ways.

THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (2016) Stream on Netflix. The Norwegian director André Ovredal returns to theaters this weekend with “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark,” an adaptation of Alvin Schwartz’s children’s books. Horror fans may want to revisit the filmmaker's English-language debut, “The Autopsy of Jane Doe.” The film stars Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch as father-son coroners in a small Virginia town who are asked to perform an autopsy on an unidentified woman (Olwen Catherine Kelly). The corpse arrives at the morgue seemingly unscarred, but its insides tell a different story. As the night turns eerie — a thunderstorm rages outside, the radio changes stations on its own — the father and son uncover baffling clues that haunt them until the credits roll.

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