What Is The Absolute Wildest Movie Fan Theory You've Ever Heard?

Look, I’ll say it: Sometimes half the fun of loving a movie is reading WAY TOO MUCH into that movie and all of its surrounding lore.

ALSO, WARNING: Some movie spoilers ahead!

So what’s the creepiest/funniest/wildest fan theory you’ve ever heard about a movie? A fan theory that completely changed the way you watched it while simultaneously BLOWING. YOUR. MIND???

Or perhaps your favorite is a theory about a recent film, like the one that says 2019’s Us has a SECOND twist ending in which Jason is ALSO secretly one of the tethered, just like his mother.

Heck, maybe it’s an absolutely hilarious/bonkers theory that you WISH was true, like the one that says the true identity of Supreme Leader Snoke of the new Star Wars franchise is — wait for it — Jar Jar Binks.

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