“Waterfalls & Clouds” Presents a Joint Body of Work From Ugo Rondinone and Pat Steir

Galerie Eva Presenhuber in Zurich is holding a largescale joint exhibition by Swiss sculpturist, Ugo Rondinone and American painter, Pat Steir.

In “Waterfalls & Clouds,” the color that is typically cast onto Rondinone’s monoliths are pared back to emphasize the raw beauty of the pebble-studded concrete. Static yet fluid, the amorphous sculptures — faces, look and twisted — are the final three of 20 made by the artist, which is titled according to the poem, “we run through a desert on burning feet, all of us are glowing our golden faces look twisted and shiny.” No matter the vantage point, faces, look and twisted quite literally has you inspecting over and over again for a singular vision of the artwork.

Although distinctly different, Steir’s paintings have a symbiotic relationship with the sculptures on display. If Rondinone’s work represents the author of “time,” and the erosion that occurs to all sculptural work, wrote the art critic, Barry Schwabsky, Steir’s artwork is that of “gravity” and by extension, nature itself. The new paintings on display were made in conjunction with the Swiss artist and prominently feature Steir’s Waterfall series, which was first developed in the 1980s.

Be sure to experience “Waterfalls & Clouds” as it is on view until October 16.

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Galerie Eva Presenhuber
Zahnradstrasse 21,
8005 Zürich, Switzerland
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