Virgil Abloh's "Modular Imagination" Collection for Cassina is Now Available

The building blocks designed by Virgil Abloh for Italian design brand Cassina are now for sale, with prices starting from $2,115 USD.

First unveiled at this year’s Milan Design Week, the “Modular Imagination” collection encompasses two different-sized blocks, each of which can be stacked on top of one other to create structures of different sizes.

The pieces were developed alongside Cassina’s research arm, named Cassina LAB. For Abloh, it was imperative that the designs were sustainable, be it in the material itself, or what happens to it at the end of its life. Together, they developed a system that sees a dotted line under the unit’s feet, which indicates where the soft upholstery can be cut away from its recycled wooden core for both to be recycled separately.

As per its name, the “Modular Imagination” collection is intended to be ambiguous, and the pieces can be placed side by side or on their own, forming anything from a small side table to a chunky chair. To join the pieces, Abloh designed a specific connecting module that allows its contrasting orange cylindrical feet to slot into the top of the below unit. Details are intended to look industrial, but to be suitable for either a home or office setting. On the side of each piece, and in reference to Abloh’s signature graphic style is a distinctive “Cassina-Abloh” round logo.

Upon the collection’s release, the brand said:

“In complete respect of Virgil Abloh’s work, Modular Imagination enters the Cassina catalog, emphasizing the value of this project that does not aim to be a limited drop but attests to the quality of his work within the design world.

Virgil Abloh was in fact particularly proud of this project that began development in 2020 and was completed before his premature passing.”

The single Modular Imagination block is priced at $2,115 USD and the double is $3,295. They are available at Cassina stores and online in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, the UK, and Benelux.

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