User Discovers Old Apple Icons Buried in macOS Systems Folder

Earlier this week, Reddit user OOF_V2 discovered that almost every Apple product icon, with the oldest dating back to 2000, can be found in a buried systems folder on macOS Monterey.

While user wanjuggler revealed that these icons have historically been a source of unintentional product leaks, user nemothorx chimed in to elaborate that the hidden product icons ranging from iMac to iPod touches serve a purpose — they appear upon hardware determination of another apple system identified within the same network. Along with the discovery, user xxxmalik commented that the icon for Windows PCs is displayed as an outdated CRT monitor with a BSoD, otherwise knowns as the Blue Screen of Death.

Check out the old Apple product icons, including various iPhones and MacBooks, along with command and dock icons such as the airdrop, caution alert, and clock icons with the instructions shared by user OOF_V2 below:

Go to “Finder” and under “Location”, click on “Macintosh HD”. Click on “Systems,” then “Library,” and locate “CoreServices.” Find and right-click on “CoreTypes.bundle,” choose “Show Package Contents,” then click on “Contents,” “Resources,” and all the icons will appear.

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