URWERK UR-112 AGGREGAT Introduces a New Way to Display Time

Inventive watchmaker URWERK has developed another new method of displaying the time with its latest model, the UR-112 AGGREGAT.

The new model from the inventive Swiss watchmaker uses a series of rotating aluminum prisms for jumping hours on the left hand side of the display and minutes on the right.

More information can be found underneath a spring-loaded metal shroud on the top of the watch, which can be released at the push of a button to reveal a 48-hour power reserve indicator and skeletonized silicone seconds wheel.

The new system is essentially an adaptation of URWERK’s “planetary” system, which is used extensively throughout its collection, rotated through 90 degrees.

“We nicknamed this watch the Aggregat because the UR-112 brings different elements together,” says URWERK’s co-founder and watchmaker, Felix Baumgartner. “From a single source of energy, we power all displays and mechanisms of this UR-112. This force is distributed sparingly, some even ‘recycled’ so that from the digital second at the top of the dial to the dragging minutes and the jumping hours at the opposite extreme, each display receives precisely its required dose of energy with none wasted.”

This first version of the UR-112 is presented as a 25-piece limited edition in matte finish PVD-treated titanium, anthracite for the main case body and black for the sides and top cover.

“The sources of inspiration for this UR-112 are many and diffuse,” explains Martin Frei, URWERK’s designer and co-founder. “The grille of the Bugatti Atlantique is the most obvious. An exceptional automobile whose contrasting spine emphasizes absolute symmetry.”

The UR-112 AGGREGAT is available now via URWERK retailers, priced CHF 250,000 (approximately $274,000 USD).

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