Ubisoft Is Reviving the 'Driver' Franchise With a Live-Action TV Series

After a decade-long wait, Driver fans are finally getting a revival of the franchise from Ubisoft, but this time as a live-action TV series.

According to a new report from gamesindustry.biz, the French game developer is planning on breathing new life into the franchise through its Film & Television division, bringing undercover agent and ex-race car driver John Tanner to a new media platform. Plot details remain scarce at this point, but we know it’ll follow Tanner as he attempts to take down a crime syndicate, just like the open-world games.

The show itself will launch on an upcoming streaming service called Binge, which was announced during E3 this year. The platform specifically focuses on TV shows based on popular video game franchises and is expected to launch sometime in 2022 on all Internet-connected devices, though no precise release window has been announced yet, so fans should definitely stay tuned for more updates to come.

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