This Birthday Cake With A Pot Plant And Stoned Pony Is The Funniest Misunderstanding Ever

What’s a girl to do when her mom accidentally gets a pot-themed birthday cake instead of one with her favorite Disney character on it?

Why, share the cake mix-up with the world, of course!

And that’s exactly what 25-year-old Kensli Taylor Davis did with this Facebook post after a local baker (no pun intended) misheard her mom and made the wrong cake for her birthday party.

Someone pointed out that perhaps the wrong cake was more “on brand” for a 25-year-old.

Now people have questions. Like, we get the pot plant, but what’s with the stoned pony with bloodshot eyes?

Some people wanted the cake from themselves.

Others had weed jokes.


Despite the hilarious mix-up, Kensli told Fox 35 in Orlando that it was the best cake ever.

Happy Birthday Kensli!

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