'Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin' Releases Second Demo and Trailer

Square Enix has dropped a new trailer and demo for its upcoming Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin over at Tokyo Game Show, this time offering fans of the epic franchise a closer, Chaos-free look at the game.

Inspired by the very first Final Fantasy game in the franchise, the upcoming title was first announced back in June and almost instantly became a meme thanks to the announcement trailer’s constant naming of Chaos, so it’s no surprise that Square Enix elected not to mention the antagonist’s name this time around. In a recent interview with TheGamer, the game’s producer Jin Fujiwara said that the development team wasn’t too happy about the meme-ing, but nonetheless managed to stay optimistic. “We didn’t really think it was going to cause quite as much of a reaction as it did, and that was a little bit unexpected,” he explained. “It’s obviously not something we’re terribly pleased about. But I think looking back on it from where we are now, it may have had a slightly positive impact if it got people interested. From our point of view, it’s better than nobody paying attention.”

For the Final Fantasy fans out there, Stranger of Paradise is slated for launch on March 18, 2022, for the Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. A second demo is now available too until October 11.

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