Strangeloop Studios Brought a 3D Experience to DTLA’s US Bank Tower

This past weekend, the US Bank Tower in Downtown Los Angeles held a special 3D art installation by Strangeloop Studios, entitled, “SPIRIT BOMB.” The studio is best known for creating entrancing visual content that accompanies live shows for musicians that range The Weeknd, Flying Lotus, Lil Nas X and Kendrick Lamar.

Hypebeast and select members from the press were invited to take part in the experience, which was located high up on the 59th floor of the building, a space operated by fellow studio, CAPTURE. Once in the semi-octagonal room, there were an ambient set of lights, a full bar and a DJ catering to the socially distanced crowd, however, many wondered where this immersive event was taking place at all. Sure enough, an attendant of Strangeloop permitted guests in 15-minute intervals to three unique 3D experiences by artists LV4, SUBI and XEN. The works on display lived between the graphic and musical realms found prominently in gaming, anime and genres such as drum n’ bass.

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Each of the three installations was like watching a live DJ, an IMAX 4D experience, and a live stream of Twitch, where the timbre and vivacity of the art and music worked in unison. Also in attendance were the likes of FlyLo and Mr. Carmack, who joined in on the fun.

“SPIRIT BOMB” was an impressive display that provided both an intimate and immersive look into the work that typically (and literally) plays in the background of some of our most cherished artists.

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