Stop the Presses: All 131 'Baby-Sitters Club' Books are About to Be on Audible

Prep for a blast from the past that will hit you right in the feels. Following the news of the upcoming Baby-Sitters Club adaptation coming from Netflix, audiobook company Audible is releasing the full Baby-Sitters Club book series, featuring Elle Fanning as narrator.

First published in 1986 by author Ann M. Martin, The Baby-Sitters Club series followed a group of tween girls who start a business, learn life lessons, and get into all manner of good clean fun. Audible plans to release all 131 books in the series starting on August 13th, with the first five being narrated by the Teen Spirit star. (It’s not known if other celebrity narrators will narrate any additional books in the series, but here’s hoping!).

The book streamer is also offering a deal, giving away a $20 voucher for every ten BSC titles you preorder through October 15th.

Earlier this year Netflix announced plans to bring the book series back to television screens, aimed squarely at the current nostalgia boom (albeit with ’90s girls in mind). The books were initially put on television back in 1990 on the Disney Channel and hit the big-screen in 1995. Netflix recently announced that Alicia Silverstone was joining the show as the mother of Kristy Thomas, the leader of the BSC.

Basically, now is a great time to get back into the book series. For many an ambitious young woman of the ’90s, The Baby-Sitters Club books showed the power of individuality and the allure of starting your own business. There’s no doubt many a successful businesswoman probably cites the BSC as inspiration. Elle Fanning is utterly perfect for the narrator and if they can get her to read more, all the better. Who’s saving their pennies for this book fair?

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