Starbucks and Amazon Go Come Together To Brew A New Cafe Experience

Starbucks and Amazon teamed up to open a new cafe for those who need a quick cup of joe or a fully equipped workspace. Located in New York City, the concept combines both company’s features of the multinational coffeehouse chain’s “Order Ahead” and Amazon Go’s “Just Walk Out” for quicker transactions and ease of ordering.

Customers are able to order their beverage ahead of time and can view their order status right when they head into the cafe. All of Starbucks’ regular beverages and bakery items are available at the coffeehouse, while the Amazon Go market carries more choices of grocery items and pre-prepared food such as sandwiches, sushi, salad, and products from local NYC vendors.

To enter the Amazon Go marketplace and lounge, shoppers can use the “In-store Code” in the Amazon Shopping app, Amazon One, or a credit card. Just like other locations, you can grab any items that you need and the “Just Walk Out” technology will automatically deduct the total order price from your card. For those looking to stay for meetings or dive into work, power outlets and USB ports are provided throughout the seating area.

The new Starbucks x Amazon Go cafe is found on 59th St between Park Ave and Lexington Ave in Manhattan. The duo looks to open more branches in New York City within 2022.

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