Sideswipe: January 4: Te reo on the water

Death Ed

In the early 1970s, inspired by the introduction of Sex Education classes, some religious leaders and funeral directors suggested adding Death Education classes to high school curriculums. And apparently, such classes were introduced, for a while, at some schools. High school students were asked to select one literary passage concerning death that most closely reflected their personal belief. The images ran the gamut from those of utter destruction to immense delight in death. Next, elementary school children compiled a scrapbook of newspaper clippings that classified the causes of death … High school students completed a personal death inventory, answering such questions as, “Are you afraid of death?”, “Have you made plans for your final days?” and “Do you believe that there are people to whom you wish to make peace with, express gratitude to, praise, thank, or express love to prior to your death?” … Death education classes also required students to write papers on a controversial death issue, study cryogenics, debate the religious aspects of death.

The scent of VB

Falling fish

Just last week fish rained from the sky in Texarkana, Texas. Odd yes, but like most strange things there is a logical explanation … “Animal rain is a phenomenon that occurs when small water animals like frogs, crabs and small fish are swept up in waterspouts or drafts that occur on the surface of the Earth. They are then rained down at the same time as the rain,” city officials posted on Facebook. One man was hit in the head by a sizeable fish while out walking his dog in the rain.

More switcheroo problems

Murray Brown of Hamilton East writes: “Some years ago, an acquaintance of my father went on holiday to Fiji.Just prior to leaving he went into a local sports store and purchased a duty-free, expensive match set of 14 golf clubs. They were packaged up by the shop staff to ensure a safe, damage-free shipping home in the aircraft hold. He arrived back in NZ and discovered to his horror on unpacking his beautiful new clubs that his match set had been replaced by 14 cheap putters.”

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