Shania Twain Shares the Selfless Reason Why She Continues to Perform Her Love Songs Tied to Her Ex-Husband

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Shania Twain’s rocket to fame early in her career was a team effort with her then-husband, Robert John “Mutt” Lange. Together, they created a series of pop hits with love ballads like “Forever and for Always,” “Still the One,” and “From This Moment On” that made her a major crossover superstar in the recording industry. 

However, after their very messy divorce in 2008 — a result of his affair with her former BFF Marie-Anne Thiébaud — the songs were emotionally challenging for her to sing. Many of the lyrics were about their relationship, and now, she’s supposed to get onstage and sing the songs night after night? Well, in a new InStyle interview, Twain revealed how she reframed these songs in the most selfless way. 

Shania Twain.
Danielle Levitt @daniellelevitt.

“There was a small phase where I felt like, ‘Am I going to really enjoy these songs still?‘ Because they made me reflect, of course. But I realized very quickly that they live with other people’s life stories now. They mean something to other people,” the Queen of Me creator explained. Having that fresh mindset allowed her to realize that “songs take on new meanings depending on who is experiencing them.” 

“You write them, and you live them in that moment. Then, you let them go,” the 57-year-old superstar added. It’s why she can now rock these tracks in her upcoming tour — she set them free for others to enjoy and make a part of their romantic story. It’s what makes Twain so special as an artist because she was able to put her pain behind her and keep on giving to her fans.

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