Rice Krispies Treats Captures the Magic of Homemade Sweets With New Cinnamon Sugar Flavor

Snap, Crackle and Pop are back again with a new twist to the classic homemade sweet. With their latest rendition of the Rice Krispies Treat, the Kellogg Company packs together a new mix of fluffy marshmallows, golden butter and a sprinkle of warm cinnamon for its newest Homestyle Cinnamon Sugar flavor.

The nostalgic, childhood favorite snack now exists in three homestyle flavors, original, chocolate and cinnamon sugar. In comparison to the regular bars, homestyle bars are 50% larger in size, giving fans the ability to truly indulge in their favorite snacks. The new flavor gives fans an added dose of cinnamon a layer of dusted sugar and extra marshmallows folded into every bite.

The Rice Krispies Treats are now available in grocery stores worldwide for $3.99 USD for half a dozen in a box and $5.24 USD for a dozen in a box.

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