Popularity of 'Squid Game' Halloween Costumes Cause 9900% Spike in Demand for White Shoes

With Halloween right around the corner, many have already begun putting together their outfits for the end of the month.

Unsurprisingly, many people are looking to dress up as characters from Netflix‘s recent hit series, Squid Game. The popularity of Squid Game-inspired Halloween costumes has led to a 9900% spike in demand for white shoes, according to new data gathered by The Sole Supplier. More specifically a Vans Slip-On in the tonal white colorway has seen a 7800% spike in demand, as people are turning to them to finish up their Squid Game contestant outfits.

It seems safe to say that we can expect images of people dressed as Squid Game contestants to dominate social media in a few weeks.

In case you missed it, a South Korean Internet service provider is suing Netflix over a Squid Game streaming surge.
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