Piers Morgan hits out at Dominic Cummings for 'not apologising' in statement

Piers Morgan has hit out at Dominic Cummings for not apologising during his televised statement, after being accused of breaking lockdown rules.

The Prime Minister’s senior aide has come under fire for travelling to Durham, after his wife began experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

He has also been accused of visiting Barnard Castle, 30 miles away from where he was staying, last month.

Mr Cummings has denied that he did anything wrong by travelling more than 250 miles across the country with his wife and son, while potentially carrying the virus and made a statement on Monday at Downing Street.

He explained that he had been worried about his wife and child and had not consulted the Prime Minister before heading to Durham, but believes he acted ‘legally and reasonably’.

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Piers, however, hit out at the MP on Twitter and accused him of trying to take the ‘whole country for morons’ while slamming Mr Cummings for not apologising.

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Mr Cummings televised statement had aired for over an hour and started 30 minutes late, prompting many to comment on social media and poke fun at his controversial trip to Durham while waiting.

At the time of Mr Cummings’ alleged journeys, the UK was still under strict lockdown rules only allowing people to leave their homes to exercise close buy, to go to work or to shop for essentials.

Mr Cummings insists he adhered to social distancing guidelines during the trips he had taken and said he doesn’t regret his actions.

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