PGA TOUR Headquarters Unveils Expanded Natural Workspace In Ponte Verde, FL

The PGA Tour office, located in Ponte Verde, Florida, and has recently expanded its workspace. With the central point on health and wellbeing, the blueprint for the new design softens the frontier between the prolific terrain and the interior spaces with shaded outdoor platforms.

The low-slung three-storied construction is burrowed within the leafy landscape encircled by a newly built lake that interprets a noteworthy arrival experience. The floorplates are intersected by an atrium that runs the whole length of the property, which will be the hub of the building for company-wide functions.

The two-building coves are attached by a 20-foot-wide overpass that encourages and sanctions informal gatherings along the edges without obstructing the flow of people. A grand central stair streaming down the central atrium generates a dynamic spatial and visual flow between sequential levels.

PGA Tour’s new headquarters integrates principles of “biophilia,” or humans’ connection with nature that is verified to strengthen staff welfare and boost the quality of the workplace. The focus has been on creating a rich experience throughout the building while elevating the surrounding scenery and saturating the building with natural light and fresh air.

View the gallery above of the new workspace. In other golf news, Titleist unveils the next generation of T-Series and utility irons.
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