People Are Tweeting About Their Eyebrow Journeys, And It's Making Me Feel Way Less Alone

Earlier this week, Twitter user @cakefacecutie posted this joke about using a very specific, very — ah, let’s say potent — kind of eyebrow pomade…

…and for everyone who’s ever struggled to do their brows, it struck a VERY sensitive nerve.

Naturally, tons of people chimed in and tweeted out photos of their “eyebrow journeys”…

…and dear sweet Maybelline-wearin’ Jesus, we’ve all come so far.

Honestly? I’m just glad we can all laugh about it now…

Because for a while there (AKA, before we were blessed with all those YouTube and Instagram tutorials)…we really were on our own.

And some of us had to get a little creative…

Like, really creative…

Until finally, we all figured out what worked best for ourselves.

Because, look: Maybe some of you have naturally perfect brows! Maybe you had a fairy brow-mother to teach you how to navigate (and use) the thousands of eyebrow products available out there. Or maybe you just don’t care about eyebrows, period. But for the rest of us…it’s been a ride.

And you know what? At the end of the day, it was pretty comforting to chuckle along with these tweets and realize almost none of us came out of that early brow period unscathed. Memo to 2016 me: you are not alone.

Though now that I think about it…I’m not sure 2019 me has got it entirely figured out, either! So end me all your tips / remember groom your brows wisely, my friends!

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