NFL's Decision To Enforce Taunting Penalties Have Sent Fans in an Uproar

The NFL recently announced an additional rule change that has sent football fans scratching their heads.

Earlier this week, the organization have instructed game officials to be extra strict when enforcing taunting rules for the upcoming season. NFL Network’s own Tom Pelissero took to social media to announce the new rule writing, “The NFL’s annual rule change and points of emphasis video notes game officials have been instructed to strictly enforce taunting rules in 2021. Two violations result in an automatic ejection, with fines and even suspensions (!!) in play, too.”

In the newly released video that details the new rules, the league explained the rule change in part due to “an increase in actions that clearly are not within the spirit and intent of this rule and not representative of the respect to opponents and others on the field.” The NFL doubled down on the new rule stating, “Game officials have been instructed to strictly enforce the taunting rules. and players and coaches are reminded that two taunting penalties committed by an individual player will result in automatic disqualification. In addition, the taunting player may be fined and/or suspended depending on the severity of the actions.”

Fans have been undoubtedly unhappy with the rule change, taking to Twitter to express their disdain for unsportsmanlike penalties that are negatively impacting the entertainment value of the games. Take a look at what some fans had to say about the NFL rule enforcement below.

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