'Metroid Dread' Drops Story Trailer Detailing Samus' Latest Mission

With less than two months before its release, Nintendo has now uploaded a new trailer for the upcoming Switch 2D platform shooter Metroid Dread detailing some of its story elements.

Featured above, the almost two-minute clip explains that seven multiform mobile identifier robots were dispatched to a planet in order to curtail the revival of a parasitic lifeform called X Parasite. However, upon arrival, all seven droids disappeared, and now Samus has taken on the mission to investigate exactly what happened to the robots and to stop the parasitic invasion. The trailer ends with her waking up on the planet donning a new suit, which Nintendo says will be explained in another trailer coming August 27.

Metroid Dread is the first game in the franchise to boast original content for the past 19 years, which have seen other remakes and remasterings of previous titles. Retro Studios is currently also working on the development of Metroid Prime 4 for the Switch, although no specific details or release date has been announced yet for the installment.

For fans of the franchise, Metroid Dread will arrive on October 8. Pre-orders are now open for $60 USD over on Nintendo’s website.

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