Meg Ryan Reportedly Wants John Mellencamp's New Girlfriend To Know That He's Nothing But Trouble

Meg Ryan had a tumultuous relationship with John Mellencamp and their engagement didn’t end on friendly terms. The rocker even admitted he was difficult to get along with, but that may not be enough for the What Happens Later star. She’s reportedly going the extra mile to protect Mellencamp’s current girlfriend, Kristin Kehrberg.

Ryan split with Mellencamp for good in 2019 after years of a very rocky romance. “Meg believes John is poison to any woman and will only make Kristin miserable in the end,” a source told the National Enquirer, via RadarOnline. “She’s trying to get the message to her about what she’s in for.” Ryan knows that Mellencamp “may pour on the charm in the beginning,” but she also knows that “he’s selfish to the bone.” The on-again, off-again couple first started dating in 2011, broke up in 2014, and then revived their romance in 2017.

Mellencamp refreshingly took responsibility for the demise of their relationship, revealing to Esquire earlier this year, “I love Meg Ryan. I went with her for 10 years. She doesn’t love me so much. She’s a great girl. I’m just a sh***y boyfriend.” The “Hurts So Good” singer also told Howard Stern after their first breakup that Ryan “hates” him “to death.” Mellencamp shared the reason why she wanted nothing to do with him at the time. “I think it’s because I’m a child. I throw fits, I gripe, I complain. I’m moody. Every bad thing that a fella can be, that’s me,” he said.

Kehrberg might be in the honeymoon stage with Mellencamp, whom she’s been dating for seven months, but Ryan knows better. “Sooner or later he will slide back to his bad habits, like neglecting to call, forgetting birthdays, and showing up late — or not at all,” the insider told the National Enquirer. Ryan is waving the red flags, but if Mellencamp and Kehrberg are in love, they probably won’t be paying any attention.

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