Matt Cardis Showcases His Extensive Travel Adventures in New Documentary

Matt Cardis has explored more than 160,000 miles documenting the modern-day culture of golf in America for his docu-series Detour. The full-time golf traveler lives out of his van and provides a fresh outlook with his lens to golf.

Detour uncovers all the experiences and connections to the regions Matt Cardis has visited during his voyages. Every destination unveils a different golf-related flashback encountered on the road. An experienced photographer himself, Cardis has each episode shed light on the golf courses he’s played on, the people he’s met, as well as the memories collected throughout the travels through a highly visual medium.

“My goal from the beginning was to highlight the current culture of the game in America along with the lifestyles of golfers and the brands behind the current day movement,” Matt Cardis told HYPEBEAST.

Alongside the footage, Matt’s van is highlighted as well, full of signatures and golf memorabilia acting as a mobile museum of collectible merchandise. The docu-series expands on the state-to-state trips, physically represented through the collectibles.

In February, Detour took the “Best Action Sports Shorts” Award at the Mammoth Film Festival during its world premiere in Mammoth, California.

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