Mark Zuckerberg Believes That the Future of Art Is in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg seems to have his own ideas about the future of art and the involvement of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Zuckerberg said at French tech conference VivaTech that he believed AR can replace many forms of art and media. He explained, “You know basically any media, any art, any screen for any TV in the future won’t actually need to exist physically—it can just be an app that your glasses project onto the wall.” He adds that sooner or later he will “just be able to snap [his] fingers, and here’s a hologram. It’s going to be incredibly powerful.”

The tech mogul seems to believe that as VR and AR become a more prominent fixture in the present time, people will be able to focus more on digital creative projects without having to worry about producing the physical good. With that thought in mind, Zuckerberg plans to sell these virtual items on the Facebook app store which he says will come with a pair of augmented reality glasses from Oculus.

It is important to note that Zuckerberg does not think that computers or phones will be obsolete, but rather the use of VR and AR will become as common and a part of day-to-day as the computer or phone. To better ensure people understood his perspective, he drew comparisons to Peloton, “Think about it like Peloton, where you have a subscription, but instead the device is VR and you put on your headset, and you’re in this amazing environment and you’re doing a boxing class with an instructor, or a dance class. It’s quickly expanding beyond games into a bunch of other use cases, and we think that this is eventually going to be a big part of the next major computing platform after phones and after PCs.”

It remains to be seen how VR and AR will impact daily life and how Facebook plans to capitalize on the phenomenon.

In other Facebook news, the company is testing out ads within its Oculus VR headsets.
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