Marc Newson’s 'Quobus' Goes on Show at Galerie Kreo

Coinciding with the opening of Galerie Kreo’s new space in London, furniture designer and interiors extraordinaire Marc Newson puts his latest work titled ‘Quobus’ – Latin for cube – on show to the public, celebrating 20 years of collaboration with the gallery.

After carrying out research on its bookstore shelving for Taschen in 2015, Newson was compelled to build a vessel that not only holds books but displays them in a rhythmic structure. Quobus, the bookshelf unit, serves adaptability and an aesthetic simplicity that transcends trends, something the designer is well known to include in his work.

Though different in size, each cube is melded into a homogeneous shape with soft rounded corners. The book cages are finished with an enameled surface, in muted pops of color, and are secured on the inner edge with gold bolts allowing users to extend and downsize shapes, shown in a number of iterations at the gallery.

Take a closer look at the ‘Quobus’ exhibition in the gallery above. The show runs in both London and Paris Galerie Kreo locations until November 20.

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