LOEWE Launches New Truffle-Scented "Earth" Fragrance

LOEWE has officially unveiled its new “EARTH EDP” fragrance, the latest addition to its kaleidoscopic Botanical Rainbow collection introduced earlier this year which includes scents such as AGUA, AIRE, AURA, ESENCIA, and SOLO. Arriving in a vibrant mauve glass flask, the LOEWE Earth fragrance is said to be inspired by “elements that connect nature, propelling life above and below the ground, from the atmospheric to the tangible, the visible to the invisible, unifying inner and outer worlds.”

Described as floral, ambery, and musky, the scent’s defining elements include notes of truffle as well as pear, elemi, mimosa, and violet.  The bottles are currently sold in both 50ml and 100ml sizes, and engraving services are available online.

In other news, Aēsop released a new “Eidesis” fragrance.
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