Let's Discuss the Shocking Change Eleven Undergoes in Stranger Things Season 3

Spoilers for Stranger Things below! You know the drill.

I didn’t think things could get any crazier for the group of friends at the heart of Stranger Things after the insanity of season two, but clearly I was wrong. Season three has arrived, and with it comes a whole bunch of twists and turns for the main characters. Billy, for instance, is possessed by the Mind Flayer and becomes even more violent and threatening than usual. Hopper might be gone for good. And Eleven? Well, Eleven loses her powers.

The silent telepath who we meet in season one is a far cry from the self-assured Elle who runs around the mall with Max in season three. She listens to pop music now! And has sleepovers! And shops at the Gap! And has the courage to break up with Mike in epic fashion (“I dump your ass”)! But just when Elle was finally finding her footing as a “normal” teenager being raised by her adoptive dad, Hopper, the Mind Flayer returns and messes things up for everyone.

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