Kelly Ripa Shut Down a Troll Who Judged Mark Consuelos as a Husband & Father

Trolls be silenced. Kelly Ripa defended Mark Consuelos from a troll who said he worked out too much. The Live! host was not having it with one commenter who offered some unwarranted judgement about the Riverdale actor and how he fares as a husband and father.  Ripa, Consuelos and their children were on vacation  this week when the former All My Children actress snapped a steamy picture of her husband in the water.

Ripa captioned the photo, “An actor prepares ……….. for the end of vacation.” A number of Ripa and Consuelos’s famous friends were very into the photo. Lisa Rinna commented, “Thank you Kelly,” with a flame emoji, while Jonathan Tucker left an earnest comment, “MORE OF THIS CONTENT PLEASE.” But one follower was not so taken with the image.

One commenter left a message alluding to Consuelos possibly spending far more time at the gym than with his own family. “He spends a hell of a lot of his time working out should spend it with his wife and kids,” the follower wrote along with a crying face emoji. Understandably, Ripa wasn’t amused with the comment and responded, “He’s on vacation WITH us. He’s a multitasker.”

This isn’t the first time Ripa has responded to trolls on her social media. The former Hope & Faith star explained at the TrevorLIVE New York Gala in June why she tends to go after commenters whojudge her and her family. “I always say this, I counter-troll with love. I never really take it [seriously],” Ripa shared. “I sometimes wish people could hear my voice as I’m saying it out loud. You don’t really have the proper context.” The Live! host continued, “I think I have the most clever trolls. I do. I think my trolls are amazingly clever and I will feed them. They deserve to be fed. We inspire each other.”

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