Kate Moss's New Job With Diet Coke Continues the Fashion Industry's Obsession With Weight

Kate Moss has taken on a new job with a soda brand that we didn’t even know existed until now: creative director at Diet Coke. She is joining a long line of famous fashion faces who have worked with the company over the years, including designers Karl Lagerfeld, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Marc Jacobs.

The Kate Moss Modeling Agency proudly announced the news on their Instagram account, sharing, “Kate joins the Diet Coke family as Creative Director, celebrating the brand’s 40th Birthday in style.” (See the photo HERE.) The image shows Moss with a makeup-free face outside of her red lips, and three hands in red gloves framing her while she holds the Diet Coke can. While the supermodel shared in a statement, via The Guardian, that she’s “thrilled to join the Diet Coke family,” the job feels a little confusing to us since the fashion industry is trying hard to pivot away from unrealistic body types and diet culture.

Remember, this is a supermodel who responded to a WWD question that her personal motto was, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” She also rose in the modeling industry when “heroin chic” was considered a stylish look — she made lots of money off the waif-like trend in the 1990s. Moss eventually backtracked on her 2009 statement in a 2018 interview with Megyn Kelly for The Today Show. “There’s so much more diversity now, I think it’s right,” she noted. “There’s so many different sizes and colours and heights. Why would you just be a one-size model and being represented for all of these people? So yes, for sure, it’s better.”

We are perplexed as to why she didn’t give this recent appointment some thought about the message it might be sending to her younger fans and her fashion model daughter, Lila Moss. The criticism might not be landing in Moss’ orbit, but we are taking note that the fashion industry still has a long way to go when it comes to body positivity.

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