John McClane and Rambo Are Joining 'Call of Duty'

After a massive overhaul to Verdansk at the launch of Season 3 which brought the map back into the ’80s as Call of Duty: Warzone collided with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Wars, Activision is now stepping up its game with an all-new crossover event with two of the era’s greatest action heroes: Die Hard‘s John McClane and Rambo: First Blood‘s Rambo.

While details about the upcoming event remain scarce for now, it’s likely that there’ll be specific game modes and missions dedicated to the two iconic characters, as well as other in-game content such as Operator Packs and skins. A tweet from the franchise’s official account says that the new content will available on May 20, so fans of the game or the two legendary ’80s films should definitely mark their calendars for the drop.

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