JND Studios Crafts a Hyperreal 'Suicide Squad' Harley Quinn Statue

JND Studios, a Korean replica collectibles maker that produces “hyperreal” figures, has unveiled a 1:3 scale Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Statue.

This young studio started in 2020 and began with a figure of the Joker (Arthur Fleck), and went on to release products such as Wonder Woman (1984), Joker (The Dark Knight), and Catwoman (The Dark Knight Rises). The Harley Quinn Statue is the studio’s fifth and most anticipated product.

JND Studios has received worldwide acclaim in a short period of time due to its dedication to craftsmanship on its quest for “hyperrealism.” The statue shows astonishing detail and similarity to the character played by Margot Robbie in the movie, from the lifelike expressions and dynamic posture to the clothes, accessories, and Jeremy Scott x adidas Heeled Boots. The statues use silicone skin, glass eyes, rooted hair, and even a separately painted set of dentures.

“Harley Quinn had been done many times in the past, so I was especially nervous about this project. I had to capture that playful, flirty nature of Harley into a single moment. So we decided to go with a smile for the first time. Considering how JND does hyperreal, we had to make it special.  So we put dentures inside her mouth. It makes her smile look so real. I hope collectors will be able to appreciate the effort,” said JND Studios’ main artist So-Young Lee.

Due to popular demand, JND Studios’ 1:3 scale Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Statue with a retail price of $2,099 USD is currently sold out, but the studio promises more exciting projects down the line this year.

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