Insiders Claim This Kennedy Family Member Threatened Jackie Kennedy’s Life if She Left JFK at the Altar

Pre-wedding jitters happen to everyone. It’s a major life change, and navigating this feeling is a natural part of getting married. In the new biography Jackie: Public, Private, Secret, it’s alleged that Jackie Kennedy’s pre-wedding jitters ahead of her wedding to John F. Kennedy took such a toll on her that she nearly called off the wedding entirely.

However, when confiding about these jitters, one member of the Kennedy family threatened to murder Jackie in light of the news.

A wedding planner assistant named Adora Rule opened up in the new biography Jackie: Public, Private, Secret about Jackie’s pre-wedding jitters, including how Jackie’s sister-in-law Ethel Kennedy threatened to kill her if she left JFK at the altar.

A scene from the Kennedy-Bouvier wedding. Groom John walks alongside his bride Jacqueline at an outdoor reception, 1953. Newport, Rhode Island. (Photo by Bachrach/Getty Images)

Ethel allegedly said, per the Boston Globe: “I swear to God if that girl leaves Bobby’s brother at the altar, I’ll kill her with my own two bare hands. She doesn’t know how lucky she is to marry into this family.”

As many know, Jackie and John did end up marrying at St. Mary’s Church in Newport, Rhode Island, in Sept 12, 1953, and were together until he was murdered in 1963.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Ethel Kennedy during RFK Pro Celebrity Tennis Tournament – August 23, 1975 at Forest Hills Stadium in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Now, as for Ethel and Jackie’s relationship, it was reportedly quite a rocky one. While both of them lost their husbands to assassins, with Jackie losing John in 1963 and Ethel losing her husband Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, their relationship wasn’t a strong one. While it’s been reported, per People, that they got along on the surface level, their relationship was very strained due to different ideals, per New York Magazine.

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