How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?

This Weekend I Have … an Hour, and I Want Stand-Up

‘Gary Gulman: The Great Depresh’
When to watch: Saturday at 10 p.m., on HBO.

A lot of comedy today is obliquely about depression, but the comedian Gary Gulman goes for it head-on in his new special, where he describes his lifelong mental health struggles. He does so with his signature warmth and mischievous eloquence, covering familiar ground — ’70s school culture, participation trophies, “literally” — in fresh ways. The short but intrusive interstitial offstage segments ruin the rhythm of the stand-up and add nothing, but the pull of the material is powerful enough to overcome the hiccups.

… an Hour, and It’s All a Conspiracy

‘Mr. Robot’
When to watch: Sunday at 10 p.m., on USA.

The fourth and final season of the complex hacker drama “Mr. Robot” is finally here, a full two years after Season 3 ended. (The show’s star, Rami Malek, was busy winning an Oscar.) I can’t imagine starting here with zero previous “Mr. Robot” knowledge, but as long as you have a loose memory of the characters and a general sense of cynicism, you’ll be able to jump in on the terrifically tense and brooding premiere. “Mr. Robot” is as much tone as it is story, building ominousness through sound and production design even more than through dialogue or plot.

… a Few Hours, and I Like the Desert

When to watch: Friday, on Amazon.

Everyone’s favorite dirtbag genius lawyer show is back for a third season, as craggy and clever as you could want. Billy (Billy Bob Thornton) starts investigating water usage in a California town that is suffering under a severe drought — though, as always, it seems the mega-wealthy are suffering a lot less. This season boasts a “Veep”-level guest-star lineup, including Amy Brenneman, Beau Bridges, Illeana Douglas, Griffin Dunne and Dennis Quaid. There are also some enchanting hallucination scenes and occasional appearances from goats who wear sweaters.

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