How Jealous Are You?

  1. Took being jealous as a sign that there were real feelings at stake.Been described by a partner as “overly protective.”Referred to each other as “mine.”Checked to see who likes their Instagrams.Argued over a pic on Instagram that they “liked.”Asked them to block someone on social media who you didn’t like.Gotten annoyed when past relationships come up in conversation.Looked at their phone when they weren’t around.Logged into their social media accounts without their permission.Shared passwords with each other because you have “nothing to hide.”Read their text messages without permission.Asked them to cut off all contact with their exes and past partners.Forbidden someone to be in touch with an ex.Completely hated the idea of an open relationship.Always asked your partner who they’re going out with.Gotten irritated if it takes too long for them to text you back.Called a partner when they were out, just to see if they were where they said they’d be.Asked them to share their location with you.Disliked hanging out with your partner’s friends.Accused your partner of spending too much time with their friends.Hated it when your partner described a celebrity or TV character as attractive.Ordered for them at a restaurant without asking what they wanted.Picked a fight with someone you thought was hitting on your partner.Picked a fight with a friend you thought was hitting on your partner.Made an anonymous account to keep tabs on your partner on social media.

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