Heavenly Days, CELINE HOMME Summer 2022 "COSMIC CRUISER" Is Dazzling

Hedi Slimane isn’t done exploring the realms of motorsports if his CELINE HOMME Summer 2022 “COSMIC CRUISER” runway show is anything to go by.

SS21’s “THE DANCING KID” was Slimane’s greatest work for CELINE HOMME since his appointment as creative, artistic, and image director of the luxury label in 2018. Since, he caused much controversy by changing the historic format of the label’s name, and has come under fire from fashion’s glitterati for not even stepping close to the work of Phoebe Philo during her stint at the then “CÉLINE.”

But, with “COSMIC CRUISER,” critics might have to think of a new plan. There’s no denying this is Slimane at his finest — it’s playful, chic, exquisitely tailored, but dazzles with that signature Slimane flair. Set in Île du Grand Gaou on the Archipel des Embiez in the south of France, the show enlists FMX riders from the team FMX4EVER ripping around the beachside on KTM 250 SX motocross bikes before heading to the grand stage, where the first look eventually debuts.

Out walks CELINE HOMME’s usual cast to the soundtrack of Izzy Camina’s “Up N Down,” adorning (from the top-down), space-age mirrored sunglasses, a sparkly black vest with harnesses on the side and a chocker around the neckline, black leather pants in Slimane’s signature skinny style, and a pair of black boots.

Following this is an array of suits — notably one with a black dinner jacket that’s emblazoned and with “Heavenly Days” on the back using a silver foil-like material — and another model decked in a sequin poncho-like piece that depicts a Hawaiian print on it.

Littered throughout are bohemian and ’70s glam rock looks such as the one with a snakeskin leather bomber jacket, floral trousers, and a knitted vest, or another where a rhinestoned vest takes center stage. Slimane’s signature rock aesthetic returns with a studded leather jacket and the shiny silver blazer, while all is contrasted with a red two-piece tracksuit that looks like a ’70s jumpsuit.

Despite the contrasts, CELINE HOMME Summer 2022 makes perfect sense. Yet again, it’s a collection filled with escapism, exploration of youth, rebellion, and yet somehow an air of controlled madness. It all works, and can be best seen by watching the runway show above.

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