Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde Squash All the Breakup Rumors With the Biggest PDA Moment We’ve Ever Seen From Them

Unless you’ve sworn off social media the past few weeks, chances are you know nearly everything there is to know about controversial “It” couple Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde. From the Don’t Worry Darling PR nightmares to the breakup rumors, it seems these two are always under the public eye. Despite dating for nearly two years, the pair are very much all about keeping away from prying eyes, but this week was an exception.

In photos acquired by Daily Mail, everyone is buzzing over the pair’s biggest PDA moment yet: passionately hugging and making out ahead of the Don’t Worry Darling premiere. The two seemed like they were in their own little world, kissing like nobody was watching (except evidently, everyone was).

In the photos taken on Sept 22, you can see Styles wrapping Wilde up in a hug as she goes to kiss him and they seem so in love — almost instantly squashing all of those breakup rumors.

Throughout the night, they were seen hugging, draped all over each other, and playfully posing with one another. Honestly, it’s quite cute and definitely gives fans an insight into how they were feeling ahead of the controversial movie finally hitting theaters.

So, Styles and Wilde have been dating since Dec 2020, sparking a lot of speculation on if there was an overlap with Styles while Wilde was still married to her ex-husband Jason Sudekis. Along with that, their ten-year age gap and drama following the director-actor relationship on the set of Don’t Worry Darling, fans have a lot to say about the two.

But these two really don’t seem to care, and have been happily PDA-ing it up any chance they get!

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