Frevo NYC Unveils Exhibition With Khari Turner and Destinee Ross-Sutton

New York Michelin guide restaurant Frevo along with art curator, advisor, and gallerist Destinee Ross-Sutton have partnered together to exhibit artworks by Khari Turner who blended inspiration from the immersive atmosphere, food and textures of the contemporary restaurant with his unique water-infused figure painting style.

Located in Greenwich Village, Frevo is a hidden gem tucked behind an art gallery that offers a multi-course intimate dining experience that seats 17 guests. For its first collaboration dubbed the Art Curator Series, the restaurant wanted to work with an artist that could convey what New York means for chef Franco Sampogna and restaurateur Bernardo Silva.

For the exhibition entitled “Saving Space 4 More,” Turner injected the use of water and its natural elements to create a string of 5 works based on elements — earth, fire, air and water that mimic textures such as foam, froth, and crunch from the bold and elegant dishes. The Brooklyn-based artist creates works that embody his exploration into his history and roots as he fosters a deeper connection to his identity. With the heavy use of water collected from his travels, he celebrates the link to Black history and pays homage to his ancestors as he brings their stories to life.

Bringing a new meaning to fine dining and fine art, the exhibition will be up for viewing from September 8 to November 30.

For more art, Pasadena’s Norton Simon Museum has just revealed an exhibition entitled “Unseen Picasso” which showcases prints by Pablo Picasso.

48 West 8th Street
New York, NY
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