Fans Are Side-Eyeing Jeannie Mai in the Wake of Her Divorce After Her Noticeable Chemistry With This TV Host

With Jeannie Mai in the middle of a divorce from Jeezy, fans might have gone a bit too far in trying to hook her up with another man — and one who is very happily married. However, that isn’t stopping viewers of Access Hollywood from noting the undeniable chemistry between her and Mario Lopez during her guest-host stint on the entertainment show. 

Mai shared clips from her week on the series in August and that’s when fans chimed in with their opinions. “Okayyyyy such great on air chemistry!!! I want more,” wrote one account on Instagram. Another added, “Omg I can watch you two interact every single day!” And one fan is ready to be the president of the Mai-Lopez fan club. “I smiled watching this whole video. You guys work good together. Definitely an unexpected pairing. But it worked out well for tv,” they wrote. But of course, a few viewers took the dynamic duo’s on-screen heat and decided something must be happening behind the scenes. 

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On X, formerly Twitter, one account created the unfounded rumor that Lopez was having a sexting affair with Mai. “If Jeezy is divorcing Jeannie Mai over some sexting with Mario Lopez…he is petty and needs to grow up… Do you not see how fine Mario Lopez is,” they wrote along with a shirtless photo of Lopez. Another person chimed in with a clip of Lopez kissing Mai’s daughter, Monaco, 16 months, with Jeezy, “Jeannie Mai might’ve been cheating with Mario Lopez but Jeezy can’t deny this baby.”

The silly rumor is baseless, and from what Entertainment Tonight is reporting, Mai’s split with her husband came down to “different views” when it came to “certain family values and expectations.” Lopez’s wife, Courtney Lopez, doesn’t seem too worried about her husband’s harmless interactions with his guest co-host, she commented on the video clip with a laughing emoji. It’s much ado about nothing, but the internet sometimes has a wild imagination.

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