Choose Your Favorite Movie Couples And We'll Reveal Which Singer Is Your Soulmate

  1. Via Paramount Pictures

    Cady and Aaron from Mean GirlsVia Paramount Pictures

    Via Warner Bros.

    Sam and Austin from A Cinderella StoryVia Warner Bros.

  2. Via Lionsgate

    Bianca and Wesley from The DUFFVia Lionsgate

    Via New Line Cinema

    Quincy and Monica from Love & BasketballVia New Line Cinema

  3. Via New Line Cinema

    Noah and Allie from The NotebookVia New Line Cinema

    Via Walt Disney Studios

    Will and Ronnie from The Last SongVia Walt Disney Studios

  4. Via Disney Channel

    Troy and Gabriella from High School MusicalVia Disney Channel

    Via Disney

    Shane and Mitchie from Camp RockVia Disney

  5. Via Paramount Pictures

    Danny and Sandy from GreaseVia Paramount Pictures

    Via Universal Pictures

    Sophie and Sky from Mamma Mia!Via Universal Pictures

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