Choose Some Food From Different States And We'll Guess Your Age

  • Key Lime PieNathan Lemon on Unsplash
  • Conch FrittersGetty Images
  • Cuban SandwichGetty Images
  • Alligator Tail BitesGetty Images
  • Avocado ToastBarry McGee on Unsplash
  • Fish TacosAmie Watson on Unsplash
  • Double Double Cheeseburger  and FriesAvi Naim on Unsplash
  • BurritosRyan Concepcion on Unsplash
  • Barbecue Ribs Jon Tyson on Unsplash
  • Pecan PieFilterGrade on Unsplash
  • ChiliMonstruo Estudio on Unsplash
  • Chips and QuesoSpencer Davis on Unsplash
  • PizzaAlexandra Gorn on Unsplash
  • Pastrami SandwichTim Mossholder on Unsplash
  • New York CheesecakeMink Mingle on Unsplash
  • Bagel SandwichChristian Kaindl on Unsplash
  • Banana PuddingNadja Oertlin on Unsplash
  • BBQ BurgersNik MacMillan on Unsplash
  • Fried CatfishLéo Roza on Unsplash
  • Biscuits and GravyGetty Images
  • BeignetsGetty Images
  • Po’ Boy SandwichFernando Aguilar on Unsplash
  • Crawfish ÉtoufféeGetty Images
  • King CakeGetty Images

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