Cancelled: Invitation for Chiling Lin and husband Akira to appear in Chinese TV show

The stage was set for Chiling Lin to introduce her Japanese husband Akira to her fans in China.

The duo had been invited to feature in a show – hosted by broadcaster China Network Television – to celebrate the mid-autumn festival.

But after some netizens protested, the pair have been yanked out of the event.

The objection to their presence was linked to folk still feeling bitter over the atrocities committed by Japanese troops during their occupation of China in World War II.

According to the China Press, the 44-year-old Taiwan model’s marriage to Akira in June was also frowned upon by some netizens.

Her sudden marriage was rumoured to be linked to the ill-health of her mother, who wished to see Lin get married during her lifetime.

Sources said Lin, who is popular in China, had hoped that their appearance in the TV special would open new doors for Japanese boy band Exile member Akira.

Lin, who is worth more than Akira, is said to be ready to fund his business ventures while she takes a back seat and focuses more on family and charity efforts.

Now, her hopes for Akira to get a China breakthrough have been dashed but her fans can still look forward to happy news.

Akira, 38, has posted that he has important news to announce in September, raising speculation that his wife is pregnant.

Lin, who reportedly froze her eggs in 2014 when she was still single, has said she wants twins – preferably a boy and a girl.

Recently, her representatives threatened to sue a magazine over a report about Lin seeking help from the National Taiwan University Hospital to get pregnant.

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