Bristol Studio Unveils New Range of Reversible Sweatsuits

In the pandemic-ridden world we live in today it’s very essential to be dressed in comfortable clothing when spending most hours at home, and thankfully Bristol Studio will be providing more apparel go-to’s that align with that cozy feeling via its latest Reversible Sweatsuit collection.

Quality over quantity is championed for this forthcoming capsule as the LA-based company zeroed in on producing a four-pieced capsule here. Engineered with developed-from-scratch French Terry, the minimal-yet-functional range is encompassed by two sets of hooded sweatshirts and sweatpants, each one arriving in either “Black/Black” or “Oatmeal” colorways.

Each garment is crafted with 32 unique pattern pieces, and draws design influence from the idea of flipping sweats inside-out after basketball practice. One side of the “Oatmeal” hoodie color-blocks with grey and white paneling, the former covering the chest, sleeves and hood, while the latter colors in the bottom pocket. The flip side essentially uses the same exact hues, only flips them in reverse. The black offering is slightly more understated and dials most of its cotton with a faded wash whilst having the pocket dyed to a darker shading.

The sweatpants’ design is certainly unique because of its added elements. On these leg pieces you’ll find draped pocket-bags on both sides which add both dimension and functionality to the silhouette.

You can head over to the Bristol Studio web shop to cop these pieces now.

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