Arc'Teryx's Winter Film Tour Is Bringing the Mountains to New York City

Arc’Teryx is no stranger to visual storytelling, having delivered on a run of film projects in recent years, with the first, a surf film entitled Happy Recluse, dating back to 2021. The Canadian outerwear empire is continuing to make moves in the film screening space with more immersive visuals; earlier today, Arc’Teryx announced the lineup for its Winter Film Tour, which lands in Brooklyn, New York later this month.

As part of the brand’s No Wasted Days campaign, Arc’Teryx’s Winter Film Tour is set to showcase the beauty and complexity of our natural landscapes across a range of three captivating clips, entitled Darkhorse, Continuum and 109 Below. The exhibition exemplifies the possibilities that exist at the intersection of art and film, delivering three moving tales of human perseverance and natural reverence, immersing attendees in a “reimagined wilderness that serves to extend the natural environments of each film.”

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“We’re sharing films of uncommon journeys in the mountains because everyone’s path is different, and the protagonists in each story surprised and inspired us, the brand shared on its website. “We all have a choice — do we take what we’re given, or create something better? Stick to the flats, or take the steep trail? Follow the routine, or feel alive?” See the full lineup of films as well as their respective trailers at Arc’Teryx’s official site, and check out the preview for the Winter Film Tour above.

Arc’Teryx’s Winter Film Tour lands at Brooklyn’s ZeroSpace beginning on October 19, and will remain on display through October 22. While the event is completely free to attend, guests must reserve tickets in advance. Find the full ticketing and exhibition information at Arc’Teryx’s site as well.

345 Butler St
Brooklyn, NY, 11217

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