AMBUSH Drops Alien Sunglasses For the Rave

AMBUSH co-founder and creative director Yoon Ahn has announced that the brand’s Alien Sunglasses from its SS23 collection have officially launched in 6 colorways.

Each set features metallic frames found in black, blue, silver, pink, and gold hues with iridescent mirrored lenses. The shades are all 3D-Printed, hand-polished, and assembled  in Japan. Bringing back memories of Oakley’s OVERTHETOPS with its  experimental oversized aesthetic and iridescent bug-eye lenses, AMBUSH’s Alien Sunglasses are part of a larger range of retrofuturistic rave accessories which include the Bunny Balaclava, Graphic USB Charm Necklace, Cat Ear Headband, and more.

The AMBUSH Alien Sunglasses are now available exclusively at AMBUSH WORKSHOPS.

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